A user friendly multi-catchments tool for the SWAT model

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Lorrai, Eva Barbara
Cau, Pierluigi
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A software system to manage SWAT results (bsb.dbf and rch.dbf) has been developed on a multi catchment scale. Regions such as Sardinia, Sicily, Portugal etc are, in fact, characterized by a large variety of ecosystems within complex catchments. The AVS2000 interface deals with one watershed at a time, but the aggregation of SWAT results about adjacent basins may be necessary for an integrated water resources management. To achieve this goal, an ArcView extension, called multi-catch.avx, has been developed. The extension allows the user to select the subbasins within the basins under investigation and obtain statistical reports of the model output, from the rch and bsb tables, in the form of charts, statistics and maps. The tool helps water managers in the demanding problem of water management by automating the post processing operation when dealing with many catchments within a region. Multi-catch.avx uses the bsb and rch files of all the projects and dynamically permits making time and spatial analysis at the widest scale and creating maps in the ArcView environment. A project view is created where all the watersheds under study are displayed along with their subbasins. The user can dynamically visualize and analyse the spatial distribution of a chosen model output for all the active subbasins within the given basin, at a monthly or yearly time resolution. Moreover the bsb file of each project is aggregated to represent the whole basin under study and statistical indicators such as mean, standard deviation etc. are calculated. The newly developed ArcView extension has been utilized to map, and analyze 15 Swat projects within the Sardinian Region.
soil and water assesment tool (SWAT) , watersheds , subbasin scale