CFD Analysis of a MILD Low-Nox burner for the Oil and Gas industry

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Atzori, Alessandro
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Within the Industria 2015 Energy Efficiency Call of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development the Process Engineering and Combustion Group (PEC) at CRS4 is performing the CFD analysis of a MILD Low-Nox burner for the Oil and Gas industry (30 MWth). Our aim is to replicate the rig experiment by numerical simulation to have the control of the driving parameters that affect the combustion process in the entire boiler. The manufacturer tested the burner at Gioia del Colle (Italy) and reported data when operating at maximum load. We exploited the power of STAR-CCM+ to investigate the process. At first we run a non-reacting simulation. Results showed a supercritical throttling of the fuel at the injection in the flue recirculation system. We loaded then the combustion, radiation and heat transfer modules of STAR-CCM+. We calculated the reacting flow solution. Flow features within the combustion chamber and the heat transfer at the walls were estimated. Our results show that STAR-CCM+ is capable to give a detailed description of the process.
Collana seminari interni 2012, Number 20120507.
numerical simulation , CFD , flameless combustion